Multi Query Highlighting

Highlighter's /highlight-for-query web service endpoint allows passing multiple queries (even thousands) for PDF processing, at the same time allowing greater level of the highlighting process.

To annotate multiple PDF documents for a predefined set of phrases, check batch highlighting tool.

To send multiple queries to Highlighter, send POST request to /highlight-for-query with a payload as:

"uri": "",
"language": "en",
"query": [
"query": "booking"
"query": "message or \"lorem ipsum\"",
"color": "FFFF00"
"query": "international airport",
"type": "phrase",
"tag": "test1"

The query array may contain one or more items where:

  • The only required field of a query item is the query string.

  • Unless the type of item is phrase, the query can be any search string. There's no need to put query terms in quotes if the query type is set to phrase.

  • The color is desired highlighting color for the query item, specified as RGB value.

  • Optional tag is client's identifier for the query item. If the color was not specified but the tag is defined, all queries with the same tag will get assigned the same color.

The payload object can also contain other parameters accepted by the PDF highlighting service.

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