Integration JavaScript

For easy PDF Highlighter integration with a website, we have three different JavaScript libraries:

  1. PDF Highlighter JS – Simple integration script, without external dependencies.

  2. PDF Highlighter Lightbox – Advanced integration script able to show highlighted PDF in a lightbox, without user leaving the current page.

  3. jQuery Plugin – The jQuery plugin is our older integration script, basically with the same features as PDF Highlighter JS except it requires jQuery.

API Documentation

For web service API documentation and all available options, open home URL of your local Highlighter installation http://localhost:8998/ or online at


Self-hosted PDF Highlighter installation comes with a set of examples that you can try at http://localhost:8998/examples/.

Throughout this guide in examples we reference our cloud based Highlighter at or For a self-hosted Highlighter instance, replace this URL with the one pointing to your Highlighter instance (e.g. http://localhost:8998/).

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