Throughout this guide in examples we reference our cloud based Highlighter at or For a self-hosted Highlighter instance, replace this URL with the one pointing to your Highlighter instance.

Highlighting Methods

Two different highlighting methods are supported and can be used depending on data available:

  1. Highlight document using a search query (Pro Edition only)
    In this case search query is interpreted by highlighter’s search engine. Due to eventual feature differences of search engine used to find the document, highlighted PDF may actually mark more or less words than found by the search engine. (Internally, the highlighter uses embedded Apache Solr search engine which has highly customizable text analysis and search options.)

  2. Highlight document using PDF Highlight File
    This is a recommended approach if your search solution can generate highlighting files compatible with Adobe’s PDF Highlighting File Format. That way PDF will have marked the exact terms as found by the search engine. An example of compatible search engine is dtSearch.

API Documentation

For web service API documentation and all available options, open home URL of your Highlighter installation http://localhost:8998/ or online at


Self-hosted PDF Highlighter installation comes with a set of examples that you can try at http://localhost:8998/examples/.

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